Owl Wise Leader (O.W.L.)

Remember the “wise old owl”? We’re building on the “wisdom” of owls—and their great rodent-control abilities—with our new Owl Wise Leader (O.W.L.) program.

O.W.L. encourages businesses and other entities to protect owls, hawks, other raptors, and all wildlife—as well as domestic pets—by eliminating rat poison products.

We are grateful to The Strong Foundation and Fund for Wild Nature  for their support!


WHO are Owl Wise Leaders?

Owl Wise Leaders are:

  • businesses that stop selling rat poison products of any kind
  • pest control companies, homeowners’ associations, community groups, urban farms, municipalities and agencies, and others that stop using rat poison products of any kind
  • poison-free universities and other educational institutions

Let people know that your business or group is keeping children, pets, and wildlife safe from rat poison! We offer free items such as product stickers (to identify non-toxic products), storefront and vehicle stickers, and web badges.

Learn more about becoming or nominating an O.W.L. If you know (or you are!) a business or pest control company anywhere in the U.S. that does not sell or use any rat poison products, please download our application form and email it to [email protected].

We thank Boy Scout Troop 888 in San Ramon for building and donating nine barn owl boxes to this program!

Please thank and support these Owl Wise Leaders! We’ve honored them with O.W.L. awards:

More Owl Wise Leaders

We thank the following businesses and other entities for not using or selling poison, and protecting children, pets, and wildlife:



Doesn’t use poison

Doesn’t sell poison


Casa Grande, AZ
Eloy, AZ


Ben Lomond, CA
  • Mountain Feed & Farm Supply – With the philosophy “Taking care to do no harm”, owners Jorah and Andi offer the safest options in their store including rat traps and non-toxic repellents, along with organic and native plants, pet and livestock foods, and supplies for beekeeping, home canning, bread-making, and more. You can also take a class or shop online!
    (First OWL Award from new chapter SCRATS)
Bolinas, CA
Calabasas, CA  
Cupertino, CA Manny DaSilva, Manager, Custodial Services, De Anza Community College
Davis, CA
  • Hibbert Lumber
  • Davis Food Co-op (Bija Young, Facility Manager, [email protected]) The Co-op is also changing their landscaping to be less rodent-friendly, part of a sustainability project using water-wise, drought-tolerant, and pollinator-friendly native plants, as well as rain gardens and other features.
Ferndale, CA Ferndale Music Company, located in a former church, likes owls so much they’ve installed an owl cam! And they’re spreading the word about conserving owls and other raptors and not using rat poison.
Malibu, CA  
Malibu, CA Shopping centers, including all tenant businesses and food services (e.g. restaurants and supermarkets):

Malibu, CA Restaurants:

Malibu, CA Other:

Marin County, CA Marin County (Rodenticide ban and detailed non-toxic pest management plan implemented on all county property as of 2009) √ 
Menlo Park, CA City councilwoman Cat Carlton came up with an innovative measure that bans the use of rat poison within a section of the city zoned “bird friendly”; buildings in that area must also use bird-friendly glass.
Moss Landing, CA The Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery is dedicated to natural rodent control. They even installed a barn owl box and an owl cam!
(awarded by SCRATS)
Oakland, CA Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project
Richmond, CA Urban Tilth
San Francisco, CA Natural Areas Program (NAP), San Francisco Recreation & Parks
Santa Cruz, CA B&B Small Engine Repair – Owner Dan Beagle shares RATS outreach materials, regularly advises customers not to use poisons, and sells Fresh Cab, a non-toxic plant oil repellent. And he’s installing barn owl boxes!
(awarded by SCRATS)
Santa Cruz, CA After transforming the Wrigley Building into a vibrant hub for arts and business, real estate developer William Ow committed to non-toxic rodent control including snap traps and vegetation management; barn owl boxes are coming soon. He’s encouraging neighboring businesses to follow suit! Read more about his O.W.L.  Award here.
(awarded by SCRATS)
Stinson Beach, CA Stinson Beach Market


Vashon, WA The Rat Detective (pest control) √  √