RATS Featured in Living Bird magazine, Summer 2015

Bobcats Are the Latest Victims of Rat Poison in California

Poison or Predators, Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2015

Grist, July 2014

An Owl’s Life, an Eagle Project by Chetan Gomatam, Troop 457, Sunnyvale, CA. July 2014

Earth Island Journal article (June 2013)

Our 1/30/2013 press release re EPA cancellation order

Great new article on rodenticides by Audubon of Kansas.

Ted Williams writes about rodenticides in the Jan/Feb issue of Audubon magazine. Listen to Ted on Vermont Public Radio.

Conservationists Smell a Rat in Peet’s Deal. Across California, wildlife advocates concerned about the proposed buyer of Peet’s are turning their back on the popular brewer.

Article in SF Gate: Conservationists see rat in Peet’s deal…

Read the letter we sent to Peet’s:


Peet’s Coffee Sold to Major Poison Manufacturer. Read more…


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