Santa Cruz Raptors Are The Solution (SCRATS)

Welcome to SCRATS, the Santa Cruz chapter of Berkeley-based Raptors Are The Solution.

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SCRATS brings the important work of RATS to the Central Coast. Our mission is to eradicate toxic rodenticides from the food chain in order to make the ecosystem safer for wildlife, kids and pets. We are committed to protecting our beneficial predators and working to educate residents and business owners about non-toxic alternatives to rat poisons.

We welcome your input and support. Are you concerned about rodenticides being used in your neighborhood? Want to install a barn owl nest box for non-toxic rodent control? Have a photo or news to share or want to learn about volunteer opportunities?

We’d love to hear from you! Message us on Facebook or send an email to taimos[at]

Please donate to SCRATS (click the checkbox for “Santa Cruz chapter”) and help Santa Cruz join the statewide movement to ban rodenticides.

Red-Tailed Hawk by Dave Harper