San Luis Obispo Raptors Are The Solution (SLO-RATS)

Welcome to SLO-RATS, the San Luis Obispo County chapter of Berkeley-based Raptors Are The Solution.

With Pacific Wildlife Care as the sponsoring organization, SLO-RATS will spread the word to educate our County residents and business owners about the role of raptors in our ecosystem and the dangers of anticoagulant and other poisonous rodenticides to raptors, mammals, domestic pets, and our children.

Community support is critical in changing public understanding and action. Through our website, our Education Team/Animal Ambassadors and our Wildly Aware! Education and Outreach Program, SLO-RATS will advocate for wildlife and the dangers of the continued use of rat poisons.

Visit or message us here, and like us on Facebook! (You can also email Kathleen Dillon at [email protected].)

Support SLO-RATS and help San Luis Obispo County join the statewide movement to ban rodenticides.

Fledgling White-Tailed Kite by Dave Harper